Engaged couple sits with their heads nuzzled together and holding hands on a rock ledge in front of Austin Central Library in the Seaholm District of downtown, Austin, Texas. Photograph by Austin, TX wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.
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Seaholm District Engagement in Austin, Texas | Paige + Josh

One of the amazing things about being an Austin, Texas wedding photographer is that I get to meet so many different couples. It’s funny how the unique personalities and tendencies of each engaged couple are quickly revealed by the way they prepare for their wedding. There’s no right or wrong, no better or best — it simply helps me as a photographer to know what kind of couple I will be working with.

I strive to get to know each couple over a cup of coffee before I have them in front of my camera. Besides listening to their story and their wedding plans, I also look for cues that tell me what type of couple they are. Some of them are extremely laid back, whereas others have everything planned out from start to finish. 

Now parents might not be allowed to have favorites (but let’s be honest: everyone still thinks they’re the favorite child, right?!), but here’s a confession of a wedding photographer: we do. I personally love it when the couple knows what they want, so I can deliver photos that reflect exactly what they envisioned. Don’t get me wrong, I also don’t mind coming up with ideas for the engagement shoot and figuring it out together, but it’s really helpful if the couple at least has a general idea of what they like.

When I met Paige and Josh for coffee, I immediately recognized how decisive they are. My heart jumped in excitement, although that could have also been the caffeine. 😉 They know what they want down to the T, and I couldn’t be happier about it. They decided they wanted to show off the city and have their engagement shoot in downtown Austin. 

Paige and Josh are an amazing couple who visibly complete and complement each other. We had a great time during the shoot. It turned out to be a lot more walking than we expected. I’m pretty sure our average step count dramatically spiked because of this shoot, haha!

One of the spots we explored was the new public library: Austin Central Library. It was packed and a little too crowded for a photo shoot, but we still were able to grab a few great shots. It’s an amazing location, and I’d love to come back when it isn’t as packed. 

Another great spot to capture their smiles and kisses was Perfect Strangers on Lavaca Street. The name was a subtle reminder that even the most compatible couples like Paige and Josh, started out as strangers that turned out to be perfect for each other!

Paige and Josh definitely won over my heart, I can’t wait to hang out with them again on their wedding day! 

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Before you jump into the photos, check out what this couple had to say about working with me:

“Nikk was absolutely amazing. Great attention to detail! He captured our engagement photos as well as our wedding and provided exactly what we expected and more…if you are looking for someone to capture your special day reach out to him now before he’s booked!!”

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