Chelsea and Chris sharing a kiss in the middle of Austin, Texas during their glamorous spring engagement shoot with Nikk Nguyen
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Glamorous Spring Engagement Photoshoot in Austin, Texas | Chelsea + Chris

Glamorous Spring Engagement Photoshoot 

For this spring engagement photoshoot in Austin, Chris and Chelsea and I hit the streets in downtown and made the most of the mild weather. I always tell couples to wear whatever they’re going to feel most like themselves in – and for Chelsea and Chris, that meant they didn’t hold back. 

Chelsea really leaned into the spring engagement photoshoot vibes with her pair of looks – gorgeous flowing off-the-shoulder dresses and little heels. That’s just how she rolls – she even tells a story about how Chris put her off the scent of his plan to propose on a trip to Chicago by telling her not to pack heels! He knows her well.

Love That Stood the Test of Time

Chelsea and Chris met back in college at UT Austin and they’ve been each other’s number one ever since. In Chelsea’s words, “We’ve been together for 9 years; I joke that we have a common-law marriage in the state of Texas. That said, we’ve really been through a lot together. From sleeping on an air mattress post college, to buying our dream home. We are each other’s support system and biggest cheerleader.

By the time we get married in February 2023, we will have had a three and a half year long engagement. I’m thankful we didn’t get too far along planning prior to the pandemic, but we are eager to finally seal the deal and celebrate with friends and family. Oh, and we are very much looking forward to the 90’s cover band we plan to hire.”

I could really feel how solid their love is during this spring engagement photoshoot. Their connection is easy, comfortable, but still full of those new-love sparks. Popping champagne with them and toasting to that 2023 wedding day was a blast!

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