Playful Wedding at The Grand Lady, Austin, Texas: Bride smiles as the groom look at their intertwined hands as they walk back down the aisle
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Playful Wedding at The Grand Lady, Austin, Texas | Lauren + Taylor

Lauren and Taylor made a million different intentional decisions in the crafting of their wedding at the Grand Lady, Austin. They wanted the day to be for their friends and family, especially since, in light of the pandemic, this gathering was the first time the people in their lives were getting together in over a year and a half.

These guys are so fun! There were so many little playful touches that made this The Grand Lady Austin wedding unique. The ring bearer was their adorable dog, Henley, they had a Reese’s peanut butter cup wedding cake, and at the reception they both changed into sneakers. Lauren, who is an environmental lawyer, worked with the florist to create sustainable potted centerpieces for the tables. After the wedding day, she was able to give family and friends the potted plants to take home!

Breaking with Tradition at this The Grand Lady, Austin Wedding

Looking back on this The Grand Lady Austin wedding, Lauren says it best: ‘We made several intentional decisions for our guests. The first was that we opted for a buffet style meal during our reception. We shared an intimate dinner – our first meal as a married couple -’ Tacos, I might add! What a great move! ‘ – while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour, and then after our private dinner we actually served our guests food from the buffet. This was a great way to make sure we met every single guest; we had the chance to say hello to each and every one of them and thank them for attending. Some of our guests were surprised to see the groom serving them salad, but if you know the groom well enough, it just fits his personality perfectly.’

I’ve never seen a couple do that before, and it really helped to create such a warm, family feel for the whole evening. Lauren and Taylor decided to do away with some classic wedding traditions like the garter toss and the bouquet toss in favor of really giving all they had on the dance floor. After all, as a sign on their drinks table said: ‘We have waited 2596 days for this. Party accordingly.’

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