A table with a white tablecloth with a small dark brown basket of small wedding favors wrapped in white mesh and tied with a bow with a sign on the left saying "vanilla orange handcrafted soap" and a sign on the right saying "favors please take one", against a dark brown wooden wall. Photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

The Perfect Gifts for Your Wedding Guests

Your seating plan is complete, the decor picked out, the music playlists created. Almost everything is in order and ready to go. But what about the guest favors? How can you best show your nearest and dearest your gratitude for their support?

Picking out the perfect guest gift might seem like a task and a half, what with all the considerations: Will it get thrown in the trash? Is it affordable, but classy? Will Grandmother appreciate it as much the maid of honor?

Gathering your wedding favors should be as much fun as cake creating and dress shopping. Giving a gift of gratitude, one that you’re proud of and know that others will love, is just as likely to warm your heart as much as your first kiss as newlyweds. Okay, maybe not that much, but seeing your guests smile (and no favors left behind) will definitely put you at ease.

I’ve put together a collection of what I think are the perfect gifts for your wedding guests. Perfect because they’ll delight a wide range of ages and personalities and have some practical uses (even if practical means beautiful to look at).

Anything Edible

Pink hibiscus vanilla sugar heart shaped cubes displayed on a wooden floor scattered and in tubes surrounded by hibiscus flowers and some leafy branches.

Hibiscus Vanilla Sugar Cubes by Kaleida Treats

You can’t please everyone at the wedding, but you can please most of them with a gift of the edible variety. Because who doesn’t love something salty to snack on or a sweet treat? Guests are more likely to take these gifts home rather than “accidentally” leave them on the reception table. There are endless options when it comes to edible favors, but some of the most popular ones are:

  • Unique herb and spice blends (lavender sugar, citrus pepper, provence herbs, gingersnap, etc.)
  • Candy
  • Honey or jam
  • Popcorn
  • Baked goods
  • Hot sauces and salsas



A favor sized bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee honey whiskey with a note tied around it's neck that says "Have a shot we tied the knot!" against a cream backdrop.

Drink Tags by Megmichelle

Drinkables, whether alcoholic or not, are a close second on the popularity scale to edibles. Depending on your crowd and wedding theme/venue you might consider setting out mini bottles of booze with favor tags attached, or double up the gift by including a pint or shot glass.

As for whether or not to monogram the glasses, I always say steer clear, just to be safe. Although it’s a small detail and you’re probably asking, “Aren’t monograms ubiquitous to weddings?” you should also ask, “What would I prefer?” Would you want a five year old monogrammed pint glass in your collection? Probably not. Keep it clear, keep it timeless.

Of course, you don’t have to go the alcohol route. You can also gift coffee beans/grounds (look into local blends for a unique taste) and loose leaf or bagged tea blends. You could even set up a table of different kinds of loose leaf teas and let guests create their own blends.


Two hands holding card stock of a favor donation that says "in lieu of favors a donation has been made to in your honor to THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY. We truly appreciate your presence on this special ocassion as we begin our lives together. Love Samantha + James July 29, 2019".

Donation Cards by Studio Nellcote DIY

If you would rather dedicate your funds to the bigger picture, consider donating the cash you would have used on favors to a cause you and your partner are passionate about. You can insert a small card into the wedding program, place them on each table, or frame a larger card that guests will see when they enter the reception area.


Sweet Smells

Three small burlap sachets containing herbs and spices placed in a small basket on the grass.

Herb and Spice Sachets by Belle Savon VT

Whether it’s a candle that fills the home with warm vanilla or a sachet of French lavender potpourri that’s placed in a linen drawer, people love items that delight the senses. You can even present a more practical sweet smelling gift, like the sachets above that are filled with cedar, lavender, and other herbs that ward off moths.


Seasonal Items

Various flower seed packets that say "let love grow" spread in two rows on a hard wood floor surrounded by various wildflowers.

Seed Packets by Plain Jane

Let your wedding season help you decide on the perfect guest gift. For example, set out a basket of shawls for a winter wedding, flip flops or sunshades for a summer celebration, wildflower seed packets for a spring wedding, and pumpkin spice anything for fall.


Something Handmade

A female hand outstretched holding a mini bouquet of wildflowers and roses wrapped in tissue paper and a black ribbon against a white wall backdrop.

Photo by Homeyohmy

If you love getting crafty and want to create a special gift for your wedding guests, go the homemade route. There are a billion and one tutorials online for just about anything you’d want to make.

If you already have an idea, go ahead and search for that particular tutorial, but if you’re still up in the air about the kind of favor you’d like to handcraft, take a trip to Pinterest and look up DIY wedding favors. You’ll find everything from mini bouquets and herbal soap to photo cards and bookmarks.


Hangover Kit

A pile of small "hangover recovery kit" drawstring bags that say "you partied hard when we were wed so use this kit and go to bed, Casey & Justin".

Personalized Hangover Bags by K Port Gift Company

Even if your wedding doesn’t have an open bar, there will inevitably be guests who find their way to hangover city. If not after the wedding, at some point! Luckily, they’ll have a handy hangover kit to get them through the next day. Fill a bag with hangover essentials like pain relievers, an eye mask, antacid tablets, and snacks and attach to a bottle of water or bloody mary mix. You might even want to make one for yourself!

There you have it! Some pretty perfect gifts to satisfy just about any wedding guest. Just remember, you won’t be able to please everyone, and you might even see a few favors lingering at the end of the night, but I’m willing to bet these options will linger much less than a monogrammed koozie or temporary tattoos of you and your honey’s portrait (yes, it is a thing).

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your wedding guests? I have so many more ideas from all the weddings I’ve been to. Click the button below and let’s talk!

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