Two brides on their wedding day walking together and smiling big at each other lovingly, photographed by Nikk Nguyen Photo.

Two Full Lives, One Cherished Union | Jen + Lara

Working with this couple was a blast as they knew exactly what they wanted but were also intentional about enjoying their day. The stunning views at the Spicewood Vineyard were the perfect backdrop for a quiet day of love and commitment.

 A Union Years in the Making

Lara and Jen told me that they wanted their wedding day to be simple and elegant, but also have an eclectic vibe. Every detail was deliberate and intentional as they knew exactly what they wanted for their perfect day. With only 70 guests in attendance, the couple were really able to enjoy the intimacy of their ceremony and reception without being overwhelmed by too many guests.

Joining–and Growing–Together

“Our theme centered around the idea of sacred convergence, the melding of our lives…”

Jen + Lara

As both women had lived full lives prior to this union, they wanted their ceremony to not only be unique but also incorporate the most important parts of their lives, especially Jen’s son, Silas. The ceremony was all about commitment: Jen and Lara’s commitment to one another, Lara’s commitment to Silas, and the congregation’s commitment to the couple. Attendees were invited to affirm, celebrate, and support the love and union of these two women as they join their lives.

Putting it All Together

With same-sex marriage federally legalized within the past ten years, Jen and Lara wanted their incredibly powerful day to be perfect. They had waited many years to celebrate their love, and they were thrilled to do it alongside a small group of their closest friends and family. Their wedding planning advice: don’t over-schedule! There are many things to get done, but over-scheduling can lead to late ceremonies and receptions.

It’s clear that they have many years of happiness ahead of them.

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Talented Vendors

Ceremony & Portrait Photography: Nikk Nguyen Photo

Venue: Spicewood Vineyards

Reception Photography: John David Weddings

Catering: Dagar’s Catering

Cupcakes: Cupprimo

Hair & Makeup: Danny Flawless Rodriguez

Jazz Vocalist / Quartet: Kenny Williams & Band

DJ: David Schacherl

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