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Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Austin, Texas | Ai + Khoa

Ai & Khoa wanted an unconventional, and intimate wedding with just their immediate relatives and they crafted such a beautiful day together. What I loved about this special day was that there was no particular theme. Ai & Khoa’s main goal for their wedding day? To not feel stressed out and feel more relaxed to put all the focus on the special day before beginning their new chapter of life together!

The ceremony was held at the breathtaking Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt. Ai & Khoa shared with me that getting to consecrate their marriage in front of their immediate family was one of the most special, and meaningful parts of their big day. The reception was held at Jennifer’s Gardens with simple, yet beautiful, floral decor. This intimate wedding was truly beautiful.

Ai & Khoa shared some advice they wanted to pass along to newly engaged couples. “Keep it simple and have your intentions focused towards peace and happiness. It’s definitely easier said than done, but a lot of times weddings can be really stressful and costly. We focus so much on keeping everyone happy and entertained that we forget the real purpose behind the wedding itself- ending one chapter to being a new chapter with someone we choose to love forever. Although we were still stressed on the day of the wedding, we still did not regret choosing to hold a very small, intimate and unconventional wedding. It allowed us more time to focus on our loved ones and most importantly, one another.

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