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7 Unforgettable Wedding Gifts For Newlyweds (2023)

As a guest, it’s natural to want to get unforgettable wedding gifts for the bride and groom. Their wedding is special to them, so you want their gifts to be special too. However, it can be difficult to know where to start with so many options for unforgettable wedding gifts. 

To help, I’m going to explain what makes unforgettable wedding gifts unforgettable and provide some options for you to consider. 

What Makes Unforgettable Wedding Gifts Unforgettable

Unforgettable wedding gifts are thoughtful, meaningful, and unique. While not all unforgettable wedding gifts have all three qualities, the best unforgettable wedding gifts will. But let’s be specific about what those three things mean.

Thoughtfulness comes first because the other two parts, meaningfulness and uniqueness, can’t exist without it. The bride and groom will even likely say something about the thoughtfulness of the gift when they first open it. For example, they might say, “How thoughtful!” That thoughtfulness comes from considering what gifts they’re asking for, what you know about them, and what research you do for the gifts you’re thinking about getting them.

Meaningfulness comes second because that’s what’s going to stick with them as the years go by. Meaningfulness can come in many different shapes, too, such as gifts that are functional, personal, or both. Determining which one will have the most meaning to your couple goes back to being thoughtful.

Last but not least, there’s how unique the wedding gift is. Uniqueness goes a long way in helping make unforgettable wedding gifts unforgettable because it sets them apart from the usual gifts couples might see.

7 Unforgettable Wedding Gifts For Newlyweds

Even with the above help, narrowing down unforgettable wedding gifts can be a challenge. To help, I’ve listed some options below that’ll be a big hit with your couple. 

Let’s start with a wedding gift you make.

#1 – A Wedding Gift You Made

Nothing makes better unforgettable wedding gifts than the ones you make yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to break out the table saw, though. A handmade wedding gift can be anything from a heartfelt letter to a compilation video. As an added bonus, this gift can even pair nicely with another wedding gift from the list below for something even more unforgettable.

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#2 – Digital Picture Frame Or Digital Scrapbook

Whether it’s pictures and videos from the couple’s past or from their wedding, all capture important moments that mark them and their journey as special. On the picture side of things, while a traditional frame has its own charm, digital picture frames provide opportunities to recall more memories while saving on space. They can also be updated more easily.

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On the video side of things, while digital picture frames can offer this functionality too, there’s also a unique book option available as well. This item combines scrapbooks with videos for a unique item that definitely belongs on this list of unforgettable wedding gifts for newlyweds.

#3 – Personalized Christmas Ornament

Christmas is a special time for those who celebrate it, particularly for newlywed couples. While a personalized Christmas ornament may seem like a small gift when compared to others, it’s one the couple will break out for their Christmas celebrations year after year. Plus, the fact that it’s personalized and a commemoration of a special event adds an extra touch that earns it a spot on this list of unforgettable wedding gifts.

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#4 – SteamLine Luggage

These days, luggage has taken on a simplified, functional look. There’s nothing wrong with this. There’s also nothing wrong with turning to vintage-looking luggage for ideas for unforgettable wedding gifts.

7 Unforgettable Wedding Gifts For Newlyweds. Close-up shot of bride's heels and dress hung on luggage cart.

In particular, SteamLine Luggage offers luxury luggage cases designed to evoke an older time and a more traditional look. This kind of gift will especially go over well with couples who like to travel, and it’ll be even more unforgettable for them, considering few other guests will even consider it as an option. 

#5 – Airbnb Gift Card

As with the above gift, you may know that your couple likes to travel. Knowing where they’ve been or where they want to go may not be as easy to figure out though. So, I recommend giving them an Airbnb gift card.

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Doing that lets them use it how they want, which they’ll thank you for later. After all, what’s more personalized than the couple getting to personalize something the way they want? 

#6 – Personalized Star Map

Speaking of personalized items, how about a custom star map from The Night Sky? While there are many ways to celebrate the special moments in a couple’s life, when it comes to unforgettable wedding gifts, this is one of the best.

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That’s because the star map the couple receives will be the exact night sky for whatever moment you want it to celebrate. Maybe it’s their first date, the proposal, or even the wedding night itself. Once opened, the couple will be able to enjoy that same night sky with each other over and over again, and they’ll have you to thank for it.

#7 – The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge offers ways for couples to connect with each other with fun, unique challenges. Each book comes with 50 scratch-off choices. Once scratched off, the couple is committed to whatever the adventure challenge is. 

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Each one promotes connection, fun, and gives the couple an unforgettable way to spend time with one another. The challenges also tell them how long they take and how much money they might cost to do. What’s even better is that for couples there are two books: the couples edition and the in bed edition.

Final Thoughts On Unforgettable Wedding Gifts For Newlyweds

Ultimately, whatever unforgettable wedding gift you decide to buy for your couple, just remember that it needs to be thoughtful, meaningful, unique, or some combination of the three. If your gift hits those marks, whether it’s from this list or from your own research, then it’ll be a hit with your couple. In the end though, they’ll be grateful for whatever you get them, and they’ll be happy they’re sharing their wedding with you. After all, that’s why they invited you in the first place.


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