8 Surprisingly Unique Wedding Venues In Austin, Texas. Bride and groom smiling at each other during wedding ceremony, taken by modern wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

8 Surprisingly Unique Wedding Venues in Austin Texas

Where you get married is essential. It’s the backdrop of the first memories you create as a married couple. When it comes to wedding venues, Austin, Texas has plenty. Plus, it has everything else a trendy city needs: nightlife, music, food, and a unique cultural and historic charm. I love working here and getting to shoot at many of the wedding venues here in Austin, Texas as well. 

That’s what this list is all about. I want to help you plan your wedding by sharing with you some of the wedding venues in Austin, Texas that will give you that surprisingly unique feel you’re looking for. 

Let’s get started.

8 Surprisingly Unique Wedding Venues In Austin, Texas

To make this list easier, I divided it into several sections, each featuring a different kind of unique wedding venue in Austin, Texas. So, these sections will have different themes, but any couple can put their own stamp on a venue and create a unique wedding that fits what they’re looking for. 

Charmingly Unique Wedding Venues In Austin, Texas

First, here are a few wedding venues in Austin, Texas, that have a unique charm and appeal.

#1 – Chapel Dulcinea

The Chapel Dulcinea is an outdoor chapel (outdoor wedding venues, anyone?) located 20 minutes southwest of downtown Austin. It hosts four free weddings per day at 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, and 3:30 PM from Monday to Thursday.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s an amazing offer. There are hardly any wedding venues that’ll host a wedding for free. Now, the rest of the spots throughout the day need to be booked and paid for, but this is a cool opportunity for people who want to commit to one another but also need to save money. 

Bride and groom smiling in front of priest during their Chapel Dulcinea wedding ceremony

Chapel Dulcinea is worth it too. It’s an outdoor chapel where you can have an awesome wedding ceremony. Of course, several reception venues close to the Chapel Dulcinea can accommodate various size wedding parties as well.

#2 – South Congress Hotel

As another unique wedding venue in Austin, Texas, the South Congress Hotel perfectly blends Texan charm and modern conveniences. The place is modern, romantic, authentic, and perfectly capable of accommodating you and your wedding party. 

8 Surprisingly Unique Wedding Venues In Austin, Texas. Wedding ceremony happening at the South Congress Hotel.

The low-rise boutique hotel on Congress Avenue is one of my favorite locations to work at because of the many charming details that add to its appeal. I love taking pictures in the contemporary hotel and its beautiful indoor and outdoor settings.

#3 – Springdale Station

What makes Springdale Station worthy of being on this list of charmingly unique wedding venues in Austin, Texas is the fact that it used to be a train station. It could go on the list below too, but even they refer to themselves as a charming venue. Out of respect for them, and just how cool the venue is in general, I’m putting them here.

A wedding here comes with event coordination, an outdoor space, awesome architecture, custom lighting choices, and a whole lot more. I definitely recommend giving it a look!

Historically Unique Wedding Venues In Austin, Texas

The Lone Star state is home to many historical sites, old buildings with charm, and a lot of history. All good reasons people are naturally attracted to hold their weddings here then. So, here are a couple of historic, unique wedding venues in Austin, Texas to fit anyone looking to tap into that kind of wedding here.

#1 – Chateau Bellevue

Built in 1874, the Chateau Bellevue is a romantic, elegant, and beautifully unique wedding venue in Austin, Texas. The chateau and the grounds are impressive, with French arches, a spacious ballroom, hand-carved woodwork, and striking stained glass windows. If you want a wedding at a place full of historical charm, give this one a shot.

Bride and groom pose for portrait shots while leaning against a wall, captured by Nikk Nguyen Photography

#2 – One Eleven East

One Eleven East fits the bill of another historically unique wedding venue in Austin, Texas. It’s even in the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1893, it’s every bit as historical as it is modern. It has a vivid, clean look that easily puts it on this list, and it’s well worth your time as a wedding venue in Austin, Texas to check out.

Bride and groom sharing a kiss during their wedding shoot at One Eleven East in Austin, TX

Chic And Unexpectedly Unique Wedding Venues In Austin, Texas

Now, to change things up and suggest something different, I’ve listed several chic wedding venues in Austin, Texas to get married to your significant other. Here’s what they are. 

#1 – The Driskill

The Driskill is another one of my favorite wedding venues in Austin, Texas. With all the different celebrities it’s hosted, not to mention its over 100-year history, the hotel could also easily fit on the list of historically unique wedding venues in Austin, Texas. 

Black and white photo of bride and groom smiling at each other during their wedding shoot with Austin wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

I put it here though because it takes sophistication to another level. No matter what room you choose for your wedding, whether it’s the Driskill Mezzanine, Ballroom, Maximilian Room, Crystal Room, or Victorian Room, you’re getting a high-class experience that feels like it came from another time. 

#2 – UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum

Full of romantic charm, the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum definitely earns its way onto this list of the most unique wedding venues in Austin, Texas. The whole place is excellent, with winding paths, ponds, and natural backdrops with bronze and stone sculptures that add a dramatic touch to your wedding. There are several outdoor places where you can have your wedding ceremony and a reception area that can fit up to 250 guests too.

#3 – Lucky Arrow Retreat

Dubbed the Glamping Capital of Texas, the Lucky Arrow Retreat offers luxury cabin rentals and yurts with the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern chic. Located near Dripping Springs (a 30-minute drive from Austin), it easily deserves to be on this list.

8 Surprisingly Unique Wedding Venues In Austin, Texas. Bride and groom sitting in front of wedding arch at Lucky Arrow Retreat.

It can accommodate up to 175 guests, and it has a lovely event venue, rooftop deck, and an impressive outdoor wedding ceremony site. It also supports overnight accommodations for up to 120 guests. Plus, you’ll get access to their pool and beer garden. 

There’s a lot to like in this place, so give it a look.

Wrapping Up

There are many more wedding venues in Austin, Texas worth mentioning on this list. My aim isn’t to overwhelm you with too many options though. For now, consider these and see what you think. 

If you decide you like what you’re seeing, and you’re in the market for a wedding photographer, give me a shout. I’d love to put my experience to use to help make your wedding awesome. And if you don’t like what you’re seeing, give me a shout anyway. I’ll help you find something you like.


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