Couple share laughs as they hold each other’s hand with a view of a vintage theater behind them, captured by Nikk Nguyen Photography

City Couple’s Fall Photoshoot in Austin, Texas | Eden + Nate

A New Take on a Fall Photoshoot

For Eden and Nate’s engagement fall photoshoot, we knew that we wanted to create something that was a little different from your typical engagement shoot or couple’s photo session. This couple means business, and we wanted the energy of the photos to reflect their personalities: sharp, funny, tender, and driven. 

With that in mind, we ended up doing a new, urban take on a fall photoshoot. In late August the Austin leaves started turning, and we hunted down locations that complimented an autumnal color palette – the reds and yellows of the vintage movie theater were the perfect example. We spent time walking through the city, soaking up the architecture and the atmosphere. No pumpkin patches here! Instead, I wanted to highlight the geometric shapes and clean lines of Austin’s downtown district as a way to reflect Eden and Nate’s strength and really contrast and emphasize their softness, too.

All About the Look

When Eden and Nate showed up, I noticed their boots right away. They were nearly identical – and I loved how stark and powerful their looks were. You might not think about it, but so much of an engagement shoot is affected by what people wear. To have Eden and Nate show up to their engagement fall photoshoot in sharp blazers and power boots was so fun, and I think it really added to the impact and uniqueness of this fall photoshoot.

This couple were so fun to work with! They are constantly making each other (and me!) laugh – it’s the best. Part of the reason that the Austin city backdrop and the ‘we mean business’ outfits worked so well was because of the genuine love and gentleness that this couple carry, and I think the final result of this urban fall photoshoot really shows that!

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