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Eloping in Texas: Small, Intimate Ceremony Captures Couple’s Essence and Joy | Vi + Caleb

Vi and Caleb were married in a small, cozy chapel in Austin exactly how they wanted to: an elopement! Many people want to have a big celebration with everyone they know, but this couple decided the most important people to be there were each other.

Small, Intimate, and Memorable

They knew from the start that they wanted to keep their wedding simple and intimate, and it certainly was! The only people in attendance were our photographer Laura to capture the day, the officiant, and the couple themselves. Their reasoning for this choice: why not? Getting married exactly how they wanted to, with no other opinions or expectations, was one of the best decisions they made. The date was chosen specifically as it reflected when they started dating, and once they found the perfect chapel, it all fell into place. After everything had been decided, all that was left to do was to count down the days!

The Elements of Love

Even though elopements tend to be quick and straightforward, they still incorporated some traditional elements; They got ready in separate rooms, included a ring warming ceremony, and wrote their own vows to honestly and openly express their love. The big day started with a shared cup of coffee, a celebratory glass of champagne, and Caleb’s specially made wedding day playlist. Without a typical host of bridesmaids and groomsmen, Caleb rose to the occasion and helped Vi put the finishing touches on her look. No matter what lay ahead, they would experience it together.

Do It Your Way

“The only ‘right’ way to marry your partner is to do it however the heck you want to.”

Vi and Caleb opted to focus on the things that they agreed were the most important. These essential elements included a dress, a complimentary suit, a delicious cake, and a good photographer. They were overjoyed with the passion and artistry that Laura put into their photos. All in all, this perfect day was exactly what the couple had hoped for, and it was the best way to start their many long years of commitment and love.

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Talented Vendors:

Cake: Letty’s Cakes and More

Photography: Nikk Nguyen Photo

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