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10 Ways to Include Calligraphy in Your Wedding

Calligraphy is one of those things that transforms whatever it graces into art. Whether it’s a simple name on a pretty piece of paper or a flourishing block of text painted on a sign, calligraphy is a beautiful way to elevate and add elegance to your wedding details. From invitations to vows to cake toppers, there are a number of ways to include calligraphic design into your big day, and you can hire a professional calligrapher or go the DIY route if you’ve had practice.

If you’re interested in this opulent artform, here are 10 ways you can include calligraphy in your wedding day.

Wedding stationary with beautiful calligraphy, Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer NIkk Nguyen

1. Stationery

Your wedding stationery is what sets the tone for your big day, so what better way to give guests a sneak peek at your style than through calligraphed addresses, brush lettering, or spot calligraphy? You can choose to have only your envelopes calligraphed or have someone incorporate calligraphy into the invitation design. Styles can range from modern to bohemian to artsy and whimsical. Let your calligrapher know what kind of look you’re going for or search online for invitations with calligraphy details.

Two notebooks with wedding vows, photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer NIkk Nguyen

2. Vows

If you’re writing and reading your own vows, why not have them beautifully written on a textured piece of paper that you can then frame or place in your wedding album?

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3. Guest Book

Your guest book is another perfect place to display calligraphy details, from the front cover to the inside pages. You might even consider having special pages within your book of calligraphed poems or love quotes.

4. Signage

Get your message across in a most artistic way by placing calligraphy signs throughout your wedding. Think wedding welcome signs made out of wood, glass, or chalkboard; a sign with guest book instructions; a small sign for each piece of dessert; signs draped from the back of the sweetheart chairs, or a sign letting people know that you’re having an unplugged wedding.

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5. Ceremony Details

Wedding ceremony backdrops are a beautiful alternative to the traditional altar and you can make them even more personal by painting a special phrase in calligraphy style onto the backdrop. Another idea is to calligraphy meaningful words or phrases onto the aisle runner that leads to the altar space.

6. Seating Charts, Escort Cards, Table Numbers, and Place Cards

All of the above act as guides for your wedding guests. Seating charts are organized by table number and list each guest’s name; escort cards are individual cards that are alphabetized and direct each guest to the appropriate table; place cards are also individual name cards that are placed at each seat, letting guests know which is theirs; and table numbers are exactly what they sound like! These may be simple directional items, but they can look just as ornate as any other wedding details.

7. Table Runner

A calligraphed table runner placed on the head/sweetheart table makes for a unique and personal wedding decoration. Ask your calligrapher to write your vows or other meaningful words on the ends of a piece of butcher or art paper so that the text is legible and not covered by the table centerpieces. 

Wedding cake with calligraphy cake topper, Photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer NIkk Nguyen

8. Cake Topper

Message toppers in calligraphy style add a personal touch to the wedding cake and match nearly any theme. There are an abundance of options, from Mr. and Mrs. cake toppers to individual names to sweet sentiments like “Let’s Eat Cake!” There are also opportunities to create custom toppers through places like Etsy.

Tablescape of a wedding dinner with a calligraphy menu photographed by Austin, Texas wedding photographer NIkk Nguyen

9. Menus

Bar signs and dinner menus (whether on a sign or on paper) get a boost with calligraphy. Spell out your signature cocktail options, place a pretty menu card on each guest’s plate, or calligraphy the whole menu on a large sign.

10. Favors

Send your guests home with a special and unique calligraphy favor. Write guests’ names on gift tags attached to the favor or calligraphy a sentiment on a favor bag, bottle, or pot that holds whatever item you’re gifting (plant, chocolate, handmade goods, candle, etc.).

Are you loving these creative ways to include calligraphy in your wedding? Same! I’d love to know what your thoughts are and how it turns out!

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