3 tier wedding cake with rose decorations placed on round table next to floral arrangement captured by Nikk nguyen photo

The Best Wedding Cakes In Austin

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding cakes in Austin, the options are endless. My city is home to some of the best bakeries in the state, and they can whip up a wedding cake that’s sure to please. There are lots of options, so I’m here to give you the info you need to make a good choice, starting with Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop.

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop

No doubt, wedding cakes are the centerpiece of the wedding reception, so choosing a bakery that can create your vision is important. Known for having a flair for the vintage, Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop is an excellent choice for wedding cakes in Austin. 

Close-up shot of cupcakes with vanilla frosting and strawberries on top from Sugar Mama's Bakeshop, an excellent choice for wedding cakes in Austin

Creating tasty pastries for over 14 years, their team of skilled bakers guarantees your cake will be one to remember. With their wide variety of flavors and fillings, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to satisfy your indulgent cravings. From wedding cakes to cupcakes and everything in between, their work will make any guest smile until the end!

Simon Lee Bakery

When it comes to wedding cakes in Austin, one of the top shops to head to is Simon Lee Bakery. This place has over 30 years of baking experience, and it shows in its commitment to delivering high-quality, custom-made wedding cakes.

4 tier wedding cake with white frosting and floral decorations setup at wedding reception taken by Nikk nguyen photo

They’ve got a skilled team of pastry chefs who work together to bring a vision and theme to life that’s sure to please your guests. So, if you’re going to have a wedding in Austin, be sure to take a glimpse of what they have in store.

Sweet Treets Bakery

Established in 2010, Sweet Treets Bakery is one of the most popular bakeries whipping up custom-made wedding cakes in Austin. This bakery has even won some awards for their work, which they make with fresh ingredients and rich-quality frosting.

Close-up shot of strawberry pie on wedding reception table captured by Modern wedding photographer Nikk nguyen

Besides wedding cakes, Sweet Treets Bakery also makes cupcakes, cookies, macarons, pies, and more. They kind of do everything!

Michelle’s Patisserie

Michelle’s Patisserie is a local favorite when it comes to wedding cakes in Austin. People here admire them for their elaborate wedding cakes and pastries. Plus, they have a wide variety of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, amaretto peach, bourbon caramel pecan, honey lavender, lemon elderflower, and pumpkin.

Dessert platter with variety of flavors from Michelle's Patisserie, a local favorite when it comes to wedding cakes in Austin

They even offer dessert platters as part of their catering services too. Very nice for a local place in Austin.

Polkadots Cupcake Factory

If you’re in the market for some delicious and creative wedding cakes in Austin, you’ll want to check out Polkadots Cupcake Factory. Founded in the summer of 2008, Polkadots has become an Austin favorite for cakes and desserts. They’ve got flavors like red velvet, strawberry and cream, and tres leches, among others. 

Wedding cake with disco ball theme designed by Polkadots Cupcake Factory shot by Austin wedding photographer Nikk nguyen

Each cake is made from scratch, and each time the staff works hard to take into consideration all of the client’s customizations. So, take a few minutes to browse what they’ve got and start planning your dream wedding cake!

Cakes ROCK!!!

A premier cake shop specializing in wedding cakes in Austin, Cakes ROCK!!! was featured in Netflix’s Sugar Rush and Food Network’s Halloween Wars. This is a must-visit spot in Austin for any bride or groom with a sweet tooth.

Close-up shot of floral themed wedding cake from Cakes ROCK!!! A premier cake shop specializing in wedding cakes in Austin

If you don’t know by now, Cakes ROCK!!! is known for its unique custom cakes, whether classic, 3D-sculpted, or gravity-defying. Their over-the-top creations have good taste too with flavors like champagne, coconut, southern Italian cream, cinnamon churro, and platinum fillings such as white chocolate Swiss meringue, browned butter, raspberry, cosmopolitan, and more. So, if you’re interested, give them a look!

Paper Route Bakery

Wedding cakes in Austin from Paper Route Bakery are sure to make your day even sweeter! Specializing in creating one-of-a-kind wedding cakes that taste as good as they look, this bakery is sure to design a great one for your big day. 

Homegrown here in Austin, this artisan bakery has been making familiar and innovative pastries since the first store opened in 2018. They focus on using ethically sourced organic ingredients, and each of their signature styles can be customized to reflect your own unique taste. If you’re looking for a unique wedding cake that will leave your guests raving, look no further than Paper Route Bakery.

BAKED by Amy’s

Treat yourself and your guests with a beautifully made custom wedding cake prepared from scratch. Using only the highest quality ingredients, this bakery has been proudly creating wedding cakes in Austin that are just awesome. With the thought that your wedding cake is one of the most important desserts of your life, BAKED by Amy’s is dedicated to finding the perfect balance between your preferred design and taste. 

Carrot cupcakes placed on wooden tray from BAKED by Amy's taken by Texas wedding photographer Nikk nguyen

On tap, they’ve got flavors like white, chocolate, blackberry, Italian cream, lemon, carrot, and more. They’ve also got fillings like pastry cream, German icing, blueberry jam, and others to go along with their buttercream or cream cheese icings. Make your wedding cake dreams come true with BAKED by Amy’s

Mindy’s Bakeshop

Handcrafting everything from their kitchen, Mindy’s Bakeshop is a home-based baking company that’s just as good as those working from a traditional store. Run by a couple, they bake every cake with love and close attention to detail. For me, that’s a winner right there, and it doesn’t hurt that they use premium ingredients too. 

Macarons placed inside transparent gift boxes from Mindy's Bakeshop offering treats and wedding cakes in Austin

They’ve also got a good selection of flavors, which ranges from Mexican vanilla to German chocolate and white chocolate raspberry to chocolate hazelnut. Not only are they offering wedding cakes in Austin but also treats for the dessert table such as macarons and decorated sugar cookies. They’ve got it all!

Iced Cakes

Nothing beats a personal experience, which is exactly what Iced Cakes gives you. The owner, Elana Pearlman, meets with you during a consultation to hear your thoughts and help you bring your concept to life.

3 tier wedding cake with floral decorations placed on round table taken by modern wedding photographer Nikk nguyen

Iced Cakes’ has some masterpiece work such as their sugar flowers and unique flavor profiles. All of it comes together to create some of the best wedding cakes in Austin. Some of their offered flavors are caramelized white chocolate raspberry, dirty pumpkin chai, Italian cream cake, fall spice, tea time, and many more. 

Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery

Brownies with strawberries on top stacked together on a white tray from Quack's 43rd Street Bakery a staple place to get wedding cakes in Austin

Founded in 1983 with the principle of using the freshest ingredients, Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery is a staple Austin landmark that’s been a favorite for couples here. This old-fashioned place serves delicious pastries such as muffins, cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and pies that satisfy your cravings. For your favorite wedding cakes in Austin or other desserts, order them at Quack’s, and their trained chefs will get to work.

Rayne Desserts

Serving freshly baked cakes and desserts from scratch, Rayne Desserts is a top-rated baker of wedding cakes in Austin. From cakes to cookies, bars, brownies, pies, and tarts, this home-based bakery gives you the freedom to completely personalize anything. 

Close-up shot of wedding cake with textured frosting captured by Nikk nguyen photo

Looking for something vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free? They’ve got you covered! You can also choose from their selection of flavors, such as the crowd favorites carrot spice, tiramisu, berry Chantilly crème, lemon berry, and more. So, why not give them a shot?

Cake d’Arte

Cake d’Arte is a local bakery that works to make your big day special. Known for delivering custom, 3D, and exclusive wedding cakes in Austin, their chefs effortlessly bring your vision for a wedding cake to life. 

Simple 3 tier wedding cake with bride and groom cake toppers from Cake d’Arte, one of the ideal spots for the best wedding cakes in Austin

With intricate designs and complementary flavors, they take pride in their work not just for weddings but also for all occasions. Their tried-and-tested recipes, unique designs, and decorations have truly jazzed up many events around the area and truly making them one of the ideal spots for the best wedding cakes in Austin.

Final Thoughts: Wedding Cakes In Austin

So, when it comes to the best wedding cakes in Austin, the good news is you’ve got plenty of choices. Plus, now you know what you’re working with when it comes to the best wedding cakes in Austin. At this point, the only hard part will be making a choice. Speaking of choices, when you’re looking around for a wedding photographer, know that I take my work just as seriously as all these guys do. I’ll make your day just as special as they will, so give me a shout!


Close-up shot of wedding cake with textured frosting; image overlaid with text that reads the best wedding cakes in austin
Simple wedding cake with white frosting and floral decorations; image overlaid with text that reads the best wedding cakes in austin

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