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13 Delicious Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

Are you planning a wedding, but don’t want to go for a plated dessert? Wedding dessert bars are the perfect solution! Creating a dessert buffet for your guests to enjoy is an amazing crowd-pleaser. Take a look at 13 incredible wedding dessert bar ideas for a delicious celebration.

13 Delicious Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

From a formal wedding to an intimate elopement, these wedding dessert bar ideas have you covered.

#1 – Banana Splits

I think the idea of an ice cream bar where your guests can make their own banana splits is such a fun and unique dessert bar idea! There’s a real sense of nostalgia and Americana charm that comes along with banana splits, and the ability to customize your own portion is a sure crowd-pleaser.

If you’re interested in this kind of wedding dessert bar, make sure you mention it early on in proceedings with the venue – there may be some extra logistics that go along with freezer space and power.

#2 – Chocolate Fondue

A classic among wedding dessert bar ideas, chocolate fondue has stood the test of time. Go simple and romantic by serving strawberries to dip in it, keep it fun and whimsical with pretzels and marshmallows, or keep it classy when you pair it with fruit platters and chunks of honeycomb.

#3 – Childhood Favorites

One of the great things about wedding dessert bar ideas is that they can suit all different kinds of wedding vibes and atmospheres. For playful and down-to-earth wedding, stock your dessert bar with childhood classics.

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I’m thinking rice krispies, honey buns, swiss rolls, pudding cups, oreos – or, to make it even more fun, a dessert bar filled with grown-up and gourmet versions of these things.

#4 – Cupcakes 

There’s not much more to add here – we’ve all seen wedding dessert bars full of luscious cupcakes. One of the perks of cupcakes as opposed to traditional wedding cake is that you can order all different flavors and kinds for your guests to enjoy. 

Different flavors of cupcakes placed on tray next to leaves and candles, shot by modern wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

To make things extra special and unique, you can commission custom sugar decorations for the cupcakes – with a phrase of a photo of your choice.

#5 – Macarons

For a classy and refined dessert bar idea, macarons are a wonderful choice. These delicious bites have the perk of being small enough that your guests can sample just one or have as many as they want. Plus, lines of colorful macarons are so decorative and beautiful.

Close-up shot of packaged macarons of different colors, captured by Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

#6 – Cake

Okay, okay, – if you’re looking for dessert bar ideas, you’re probably thinking that you want to steer away from cake. But instead of having one big wedding cake, a bar with all kinds of normal-size cakes is a really fun buffet for your guests. If you were thinking about crowd-sourcing your wedding dessert bar from talented friends and family, a cake bar is a great idea.

13 Delicious Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas: Personalized cheesecake towers in a cup.

#7 – Brownies and Bars

You just can’t go far wrong when it comes to brownies, but there’s no need to stop there. There are all kinds of delicious bars out there to add. Lemon bars, raspberry bars, blondies, billionaire bars – the list goes on!

Close-up shot of pre-packaged brownies placed beside gifts at wedding reception in Austin, Texas

#8 – Pies and Tarts

For the perfect slice of nostalgia and home comfort, a pie bar is the way to go. From towering lemon meringue pies to classic apple pies to decadent chocolate cream pies, there is something for everyone! 

Many pies are best served warm (with ice cream, ideally!) but in a mass catering situation like a wedding reception may make that a little hard to pull off. There are loads of pies that are amazing served cold, but you could also pivot to all kinds of fruit tarts. These are a little more refined, but no less delicious!

#9 – Donuts

Who doesn’t love a donut? If you’re researching wedding dessert bar ideas, you’re sure to come across donuts at some point, and they’re a real crowd pleaser. You can even get a donut wall to hang them on – it doubles up as a fun display and something interactive for your guests to explore.

13 Delicious Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas: Donut wall set up at wedding reception.

#10 – Cookies

These are one of my favorite wedding dessert bar ideas. Gourmet cookies have reached new heights in the last few years, and the kind of delicious treats available are pretty mind-blowing.

Platter of chocolate chip cake cookies displayed at wedding reception, taken by modern wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen

Cookies will always have a comforting nostalgia attached to them. So, they are a great option for a down-to-earth wedding with a big emphasis on family.

#11 – Truffles

Truffles are a unique and elegant option for your wedding dessert bar! These luscious treats have such a luxurious feel to them. They’re perfect for if you want a dessert bar. However, you want to steer away from the more rustic brand of charm that often comes along with it.

Coconut pistachio, coconut cranberry and coconut caramel truffles served at Austin wedding reception

#12 – Vintage Candy

A vintage candy buffet is peak charm and aesthetic for a wedding dessert bar. Find vintage glassware to make it even more visually appealing. Also, provide little red and white striped paper bags to help your guests really get into the spirit of the thing. Of course, you can add some modern candy too to make sure there’s something for everyone. 

13 Delicious Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas: Variety of vintage candies served at wedding reception.

Even if you don’t want to make a candy buffet your main wedding dessert bar, it’s a really fun addition to any kind of cocktail hour or midnight snack.

#13 – A Personal Reference

One of the most charming wedding dessert bar ideas is to have a dessert that references something in your love story. Did you share a dessert on one of your first dates? Do you have a tradition of eating ice cream on Saturday nights? Is there a family recipe you love or an inside joke you can bounce off?

Ultimately, your wedding is about celebrating your love and your story. Finding creative ways to do that through the little details is what sets a great wedding apart from just a good one.

Finding the Right Wedding Dessert Bar

I hope this has inspired you with ideas for what your wedding dessert bar could be like! There are so many delicious options to choose from, and there are no rules. So go wild!
Why not create a wedding vision board with dessert ideas? I’ll walk you through how to do just that.


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