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Perfection is a Team Sport

Top Austin Wedding Photography Services for Your Dream Wedding


And, of course, by “perfection” we mean:

  • Wedding galleries that show off your authentic personality and emotions
  • Bold images that ignore shot lists or Pinterest boards and portray what makes you unique instead
  • A photojournalistic approach to your wedding that will capture often-overlooked moments you’ll treasure forever
  • Honest, thoughtful documentation of your entire wedding day — not just the pretty bits
  • Unparalleled professionalism that over-delivers every time

And our team at Southern Love Studio? We’re the best Austin has to offer: natural connectors, artists with vision, pros who relentlessly pursue our craft, and the lifelong friends you just met. So, if you are searching for best wedding photographers near me, call us today.

Wedding Day Photography



“Once we saw Nikk Nguyen and his teams’ gallery online, our eyes lit up! We loved the style, lighting, and natural moments with movement. Before our wedding day, my husband and I were nervous that we would feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, but they made us feel at ease with their bubbly and calming personalities! They were absolute pros and made the process so easy and seamless.”



Laura – Photographer




Feel nervous in front of the camera? Laura is your antidote. She’s an overzealous, happy-go-lucky adventurer who instantly makes everyone feel comfortable. Laura’s a natural at telling any love story, but especially those in nature (a credit to her Washington state roots and love of the outdoors).  




Nicole is known to take the road less traveled, which always leads to unique Austin wedding photography and galleries. Through her adventures telling love stories across the globe, Nicole has captured countless intimate and authentic moments that celebrate and honor the couples she works with no matter their background.

Nicole – Photographer
Maria – Photographer




Maria’s energy is contagious on a wedding day. She’s a rad mix of relaxed and confident, and makes everyone in her company feel at ease, whether she’s holding a camera or not. Take a look at Maria’s portfolio, and you’ll see big and small intimate moments that only a true romantic could capture.




Always calm and collected, John can easily see through the chaos of a wedding day to freeze your special moments in time. He’s a passionate storyteller, using editorial finesse and a documentarian style to create joyful imagery. Getting your big emotions on camera is John’s jam. 

John – Photographer
Kendyll – Photographer




Fun and professional, Kendyll loves photographing real and authentic couples on their best days. Kendyll will catch every detail of your day while making sure you remain present with your people. Her career began in the heat of east Texas and she has since settled down in the hill country north of Austin.




Bradley’s been cultivating his talent for videography since he was a kid. His skillset is only enhanced by his passion for capturing immaculate vibes on special occasions. Brad’s witty, engaging, and easy-going. Your friends and family are going to love this guy.

Brad – Videographer




To Nikk, there’s nothing more hardcore than photographing a wedding. You plan for it for months, or even years, and it’s over in moments. Miss ‘em, and they’re gone forever. So Nikk’s philosophy about being a wedding photographer? It’s less about being a camera operator, and more about being an artist with a vision, an athlete who races against the clock with intense precision, a journalist with an eye for story, and a magician who can freeze time so his clients can relive their precious moments over and over again. 

That’s why he started Nikk Nguyen Photography in 2016, and we guess Austin liked his perspective, because the business quickly expanded into Southern Love Creative by Nikk Nguyen in 2020. Today, Nikk spends most of his time leading his photo-video team, editing the shit out of your wedding images, and taking on the rare wedding photography project personally

Nikk – Founder

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Your Questions, Answered

Who will photograph my wedding?

One of our Southern Love Creative photographers will take your wedding images. Our founder, Nikk Nguyen, will edit your photos. Want Nikk personally to photograph your wedding? He has very limited availability and a higher rate than the rest of the team. You can inquire here.

What’s your process?

Very chill. We try to keep it relaxed — no stressful homework or strict timelines — because a relaxed couple means relaxed wedding photos, and those are the absolute best. Learn more here.

What’s your style?

Heavily documentarian. We take a thoughtful, in-the-moment approach to weddings, looking for real connection and raw emotions. Our editing style is bold, too. You can expect to see strong colors that help you remember the day as it really was. Most importantly, our clients are our muse for every project. By getting to know you and your personalities, we can capture wedding images that are perfectly “you.” 

And Who Are You?

Hold up — let us guess. You’re good people, all about having a good time.

You want your wedding day to be a celebration for your whole family. You think wedding planning is low-key stressful and would rather hire pros who are bosses at what they do than micromanage them. You know who you are and don’t want to hide it, especially on your wedding day. Are we close?