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Why Wedding Coordinators Are Important

When it comes to wedding planning you might think that there are only two kinds of people: those who love to do it all themselves and those who are happy to pass off the to do lists to a professional wedding planner. But what if you’re the type who wants to do most of the planning, but would appreciate a helping hand with last-minute details? Or what if you’d love to hire a wedding planner, but just can’t fit it into the budget?

Enter the wedding coordinator (a.k.a. wedding consultant). A wedding coordinator differs from a planner in that she generally works on a shorter timeline (typically four to eight weeks before the wedding) and helps with logistical tasks like creating wedding-day timelines, confirming contracts, managing the rehearsal, and addressing any overlooked details. Basically, a coordinator makes sure everything is in working order before and during the wedding so that you’re free to enjoy your special day.

Whether your venue offers you wedding coordinator services or you’re thinking of hiring an outside consultant, here are some reasons why they are so important and essential to a stress-free wedding day.

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A wedding coordinator helps you sort out and plan the day-of details. As a professional coordinator she knows how things work and can offer you direction and advice on anything you’re not sure of. She can help you create timelines and put together a seamless rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. She can give you advice on etiquette and the who, what, and where in regards to the ceremony. Like a choreographer, she’ll weave the steps together to create a wedding day that’s “danced” to perfection. Handing over the details to a coordinator means you’re not bogged down with them and carrying that “Did I forget something?” weight on your shoulders.

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A wedding coordinator acts as the go-to person. If you’ve ever been a dinner party host you know how stressful being the leader can be. One person wants to know where the bathroom is, another is asking for a glass of wine, and another is trying to have a serious conversation with you while you’re preparing appetizers. Now quadruple that feeling. If you act as your own wedding coordinator, people will look to you for answers and you’ll need to give direction.

But with a professional coordinator, whether it’s at the rehearsal or on the big day, she will make sure questions are answered, problems are solved, and everyone is comfortable and happy. She’ll get to the venue early and set up chairs, she’ll tell people where to stand during rehearsal, and she’ll make sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and when to do it.

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A wedding coordinator communicates with the key players. A professional coordinator will make sure everyone is on the same page, from the DJ to the officiant to the catering staff. She’ll be in contact with the key players both before and during the wedding. She’ll pass along timelines, make sure everyone has what they need, and keep a close watch on the time so that each moment moves smoothly into the next. Everything will be in its place because the wedding coordinator will have discussed all the important details with everyone. This is especially a lifesaver for introverted brides and grooms! Instead of worrying about communicating with the outside world, you can actually relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Hiring a wedding coordinator means you don’t have to handle everything on your own or pass on stress to family members. Even if Mom is more than happy to help out, she may not realize how chaotic handling the day-of details can be. Instead of you or a loved one worrying about the whos, whats, wheres, and whens of the wedding events, hand those details over to someone who takes care of them for a living so you and your guests can truly immerse yourselves in every precious moment.

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