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Here is Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

In an age of Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook, it would seem that the old school photo booth would be a thing of the past. The truth is, it’s anything but and has grown in popularity over the past 15 years. A Forbes article reported that, “From 2005 to 2012, more people searched online for photo booth rentals than for wedding DJs, and there’s no sign of let up.” Couples are even deciding to go the DIY DJ route and putting more money towards a professional photo booth set up.

There are several reasons why couples rent a photo booth for their wedding: the nostalgia (remember the big box photo booths you and your friends would cram into?), the photo strips, the in-the-moment experience of it all. And of course, the fun factor! A photo booth can take the party up a notch faster than you can say, “Cheese!”

Need even more reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding?

Older woman holding a small polaroid photo of her and a man while standing in front of a wedding guest book table. Photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

Provides More Wedding Photos to Cherish

With a photo booth, you’ll receive an additional set of wedding photos that you can put in an album or scrapbook. Not only will you get an unlimited amount of photo strips or prints, but you’ll be given access to a private online gallery so you have digital copies.

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Captures the Fun

Wedding photographers do their best to photograph all the fun during the celebration, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Having a photo booth allows guests to snap their own goofy, funny, whimsical pictures. In a way, it’s like having a second photographer whose only job is to capture the amusing moments.

Wedding guest book table with a wedding guest book and two black chalkboard signs that say "Help us capture the fun #headoversox" and "polaroid guest book. snap it. stick it. sign it." Photograph by Austin, Texas wedding photographer Nikk Nguyen.

An Opportunity to Create a Unique Guest Book

A photo guest book is a unique way to collect your guests’ pics and sentiments. With a photo booth, your nearest and dearest will be able to print their photos and place them in your book alongside whatever words of wisdom they’d like to share.

For guest book success, set up a table with a blank guest book, permanent markers, glue or adhesive rollers, and a sign with simple instructions like:

Step 1: Snap a pic

Step 2: Paste pic in guest book

Step 3: Write a message

Photos Can Double as Favors

Everyone loves photos of themselves and friends, so renting a photo booth means you’ll put your money towards favors that guests will actually want to keep. You can even customize the photos with your wedding details and hashtag, turning your favors into mementos.

Fun for All Ages

A photo booth has a way of bringing out everyone’s inner child. Guests of all ages will love getting creative with props and poses, as well as playing with the booth’s digital features like gifs and boomerang shots. You can even add a backdrop to enhance the creative experience.

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A couple posing for a photo booth in front of red balloons in the shape of a heart.

Busts Boredom

Not everyone loves dancing and even the dancers will want to take breaks. Instead of leaving guests to their own devices (which probably means sitting at a table looking at their phone), provide extra entertainment by setting up a photo booth.

Not only will the booth keep people occupied and enjoying the party (especially the kiddos!), but it’s a great way to help break the ice and get people relaxed and having fun. And who knows? Maybe those “I don’t dance” guests will loosen up after a few rounds of photos and hit the dance floor.

So, why do you need a photo booth at your wedding? Because why not?! It adds hours of fun, extra photos from your big day, and plenty of laughs. Photos or it didn’t happen!

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